IT Assets and Software Funding

IT Assets and Software Funding


New and nearly new (within 12m of original purchase as new) computers, telephones, printers, servers, EPOS equipment, Laptops, faxes, photocopiers. Software and non-tangible costs (ie training / implementation) can be funded subject to underwrite.


Hire purchase, Finance Lease, Loans, Technology Lease.

We provide equipment funding with:

  • Supply, configure, install, maintenance, insure, disposal included
  • Improved tax efficiency for businesses
  • Improved cashflow
  • Low deposits / initial outlay
  • VAT funding
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible early terminations with nil extra cost
  • Capital allowances retained or offset rentals against taxable profits
  • Retained ownership or off balance sheet
  • No depreciation risk
  • Cashback on refinance / sale and leaseback