Car Finance

New and used cars, prestige and performance to superminis and fleet cars. Left hand drive, imports, LPG, PHEV, Electric, private sales and specialised cars welcome. Classic cars and motorhomes catered for.

Vehicle Funding

New and used light and heavy commercial vehicles and trailers. All types catered for, including pick-ups, tippers, Lutons, box vans, curtainsides, skip lorries, recovery vehicles, concrete mixers, buses, coaches, funeral cars, limousines and taxis...

Invoice Discounting
and Factoring

Free up cashflow from invoices before your customer has made payment. We can either chase up the debts for you, saving you time and money or you do the chasing, and we provide the funding without your customers needing to know...

Equipment Funding

New and used plant, machinery, materials handling equipment, printing machinery, racking, production lines, desks, offices, air conditioning, etc. So long as the goods are “durable, moveable, identifiable and saleable” we can fund them! Goods from overseas suppliers and refinance enquiries on equipment welcome.

IT Assets and Software Funding

New and nearly new (within 12m of original purchase as new) computers, telephones, printers, servers, EPOS equipment, Laptops, faxes, photocopiers. Software and non-tangible costs (ie training / implementation) can be funded subject to underwrite.

Buy-Out and Acquisitions Finance

We can provide a wide range of funding options if you are looking to acquire other businesses...

Aviation and Marine Finance

New and used ribs, yachts, motor launches, commercial vessels and canal boats. We can provide facilities for boats kept and registered in and out of
UK waters.

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Bespoke financial solutions,
through lasting business relationships

If you own a business, our expert and tailored service will help finance your dreams.

If you run a business, it’s likely you need business finance to accelerate growth. It could be to start an exciting new product or service. Or to raise funds for an advertising campaign.

Alternatively, it could be to pay for a vital piece of equipment for a new customer contract. Either way, there’s hundreds of reasons why business finance might be essential.

With so many products and providers out there, however, it soon gets confusing. There’s a multitude of different contracts to choose from. Let alone deposit types, options, and periods.

But which one is going to give your business the best results? It’s no wonder people feel unable to decide. After all, who wants to waste hours filling in a form, only to see their application get rejected?

Richard Causon

Why we’re different

At Causon Business Finance, we have access to a good number of lenders who we know well. Plus, we already know the small print. This means we have a vast array of options to deliver you the deal you want. All because we’ve taken the time to listen to your needs and understand you.

So, regardless of your situation, we can help you realize your dreams. Whether it be that new business development venture you’re enthusiastic to try. Or maybe even that boat or sports car you’ve always had your eye on.

Regardless, we’ll get the deal done. So, you can get on and spend time earning more money…

What our clients are saying

‘Causon Business Finance have consistently displayed the highest levels of professionalism. Allied to a friendly and approachable nature, they know the market inside out.’

A. Ribbins

‘Causon Business Finance have looked after our vehicle finance requirements for many years. They’ve always shown care and due diligence. We trust that they will always find the best rate for us. Highly recommended.’

J. Jordan-Spence

‘A friendly and approachable service, yet professional and efficient at the same time. We are more than happy to refer our clients, as we know CBF provides a premier service.’

S. Cattell

Our full range of services

At Causon Business Finance, we can call upon a wide network of lenders for just about every need. Want outstanding rates for car finance and commercial vehicle funding? Well, look no further. What about plant, machinery, or production equipment? No problem. We can even offer finance for planes and boats. In fact, it’s a service we’re happy to provide.

We’ll also help you access funding for vital equipment. As well as guiding you to the best deal for your IT assets and software. It all depends on your preference for rental or ownership. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll guide you towards a choice that works for you.

Our finance services don’t end there either. We’ll help unlock unpaid bills by finding you the best invoice discounting and factoring firm. Plus, give invaluable representation and expertise during any management buyout and/or acquisition.

Alternatively, you might need a commercial loan or refinance on an existing debt. We’ll contact our large panel of lenders and get the right deal to suit you.

Expert finance advice for free

We’re always open to help new customers with their questions, so give us a call. You won’t have to wait for hours to get through to someone reading from a script. Instead, you’ll get friendly and free advice, and all without obligation. So why not get in touch? We’ll be happy to help.

Learn how to improve your future

Don’t let the technicalities, legalese, and jargon put you off. Business finance can unlock your firm’s true potential. And our website will explain how. Plus, no matter which service you choose, we’ll work tirelessly to get you the best deal. We don’t like to say no to anyone looking for great terms on their finance.

So, why not explore the rest of this website? Our finance pages explain how we help you achieve your dreams. And there’s a selection of videos, which detail each service in clear and more general terms.

CBF News

Rich Causon says Hi!

Rich Causon says Hi!

An introduction video to Rich Causon, Business Finance Partner of Causon Business Finance so you can get to know him. To contact Rich with any questions, please email at or call 01455 250690

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Six common issues of using a finance broker

Rich Causon of Causon Business Finance top 6 pitfalls to avoid when using a finance broker. 1. Not knowing what the terms & Conditions say 2. Fees 3. End of Lease 4. Paying your lease off Early 5. Getting hold of your lender 6. My supplier won’t deal with Brokers.

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Finance Rates

Rich Causon discusses "Finance Rates". Factors that go into deciding the rates your business is offered. How time established as a business and the assets you are buying affect the rates you get offered. What a broker can do to help get...

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What information do I need for a credit approval?

What information do I need for a credit approval?

Rich Causon of Causon Business Finance answers the question ‘What information do I need to get a Credit Approval quickly and easily?’ Richard talks through the two main issues 1. Proving I can afford to repay my loan and 2. If I can’t afford to repay my loan, how does the finance company get their money back?

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