Management Buy-Out and Acquisitions Finance

Management Buy‑Out and Acquisitions Finance

Reach the next level

When management wants to take their business to a new level, the next step is to buy out the shareholders. At Causon Business Finance, we can help arrange the business loan to do just that. Usually by utilising the assets already within the business. You then pay the outgoing directors for their shares.

Ask yourself how many assets in your business have no finance taken out against them. If it’s none or few, we have a range of different finance arrangements to raise capital to buy the business.

We also offer a trusted, advice-driven service to help with acquisitions.

In these situations, accountants and solicitors may not have any connection with the lenders. We do, however. We can talk with authority about the tax and legal implications of any contracts. Together with the timing of how it’s going to be done.

In these scenarios, our expertise enables us to step into the circle of the transaction. Essentially, we become the lynchpin between the solicitor, accountant, and lender.

We help you meet all your contractual obligations between the three. That way, the whole transaction takes place when it’s supposed to.

With the right facility in place, this can be all done smoothly in a way that won’t leave you exposed. During a time that leaves business owners feeling stressed, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Goods we can help you finance:

Most asset types, including vehicles, plants, machinery, and even some IT. Plus we can provide a wide range of funding options if you’re looking to acquire another business.

So, when funding a proposal, we can take some (or all) the target business assets into consideration.

The type of purchasing facilities we offer are a mixture of:

  • Hire purchase
  • Finance lease
  • Operating lease
  • Loan or contract hire

All of these are subject to suitability.