Commercial Property Finance

Office suiteTypes of Deals

  • Buying new or existing property
  • Refinancing a property you already own with or without a mortgage on it to release funds to you / your business
  • Buying a plot of land and developing the property yourself with the mortgage company paying funds down in stages


Commercial mortgages and commercial loans.

We can introduce mortgages with:

  • Fixed, variable or “cap & collar” interest rates
  • Flexible early terminations with nil extra cost
  • Low deposits
  • Offset mortgages against credit balances held
  • Non-sterling mortgages
  • Euro linked mortgages
  • Cashback on refinance / sale & leaseback arrangements


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    Causon Business Finance was formed in 2007 by Richard Causon. Richard has been in the Asset Finance Industry since 1996, dealing with a wide range of business sizes and types.

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